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What happens at a fitness consultation?

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The fitness consultation or online fitness consultation is a key step in starting a fitness journey where the fitness coach or personal trainer discuss your needs in detail.

When it comes to establishing training needs, there are many factors to consider such as age, physical ability, goals, time availability and mindset. It is important that the fitness coach thoroughly understands a client’s need before creating training program which is specific to an individual.

In this article we will address some of the common questions asked about fitness consultations.

What should fitness consultation include?

The first and foremost aspect of a fitness consultation is to create an opportunity for a open one-on-one conversation. It is a great way for you to get to know your fitness coach or personal trainer.


Effective one-on-one conversations can help to build a foundation of trust and collaboration. Building trust initially is important as you work towards common goals. It is also important that the fitness consultation is well structured and organised. This will allow the most efficient use of time for both the coach as well as the client.


Our fitness consultation is divided into 3 stages.

Screening the client

The first step in fitness consultation is screening the client. Our fitness coaches will evaluate whether you can embark on an exercise program immediately or if you are at any risk in beginning a new fitness program.


You may be asked to fill you certain forms. This may include for example a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ). In some exceptional case the coach may refer you to a general practitioner (GP).

Gathering information

The information related to customer’s physical stats, dietary habits, lifestyle, profession, previous exercise experience are collected during this stage. This information is collected using a questionnaire which has a mix of open and close ended questions. These information are extremely important to allow specificity and individualisation of the training program that is best suited for you.

Program design

The program design aspect is usually done after the initial consultation. However, the coach may ask for your feedback on the general overview of the program design.


At beginner level, the program would usually consist of resistance training, aerobic training and flexibility training. Although it is quite common to add other variations based on your goals and ability. For example an iso-lateral training program may be added to create balance in physical appearance.

What happens at a fitness consultation?

If you wonder what happens at a fitness consultation or may be feeling anxious about your first consultation, we want to assure you that our professional coaches are fully trained for data protection and client confidentiality.

The fitness coaches are there to listen to you and answering any fitness related questions you may have. Therefore, a two way open and honest communication is key to address all your requirements in relation to your fitness goals.

What can I expect at a personal training consultation?

You can expect a friendly one on one conversation with our coaches. You may be also asked to fill in a questionnaire. If the client cannot complete the questionnaire themselves, the personal trainer/coach will interview you during the consultation session and complete the questionnaire on the clients’ behalf.


You will be asked to sign off some mandatory forms such as Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire or Client Readiness Questionnaire. If the consultation is held in person, the coach may take few measurements such as height, weight, body mass index (BMI) and body fat percentage.


The personal trainer or fitness coach will send you a body measurement chart which you can take with you and complete it at a time convenient for you.

How long is a personal training consultation?

The personal training consultation can last anywhere between 30 minutes to one hour. In certain cases, the coach may send an email requesting additional information via email.


If you are ready looking to kickstart your fitness training or want to make an enquiry about a program, book a FREE consultation with one of our coaches now.

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Vibesh Karayil

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