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Book a Personal Training Consultation

Are you looking to improve your fitness and your overall health? Book a FREE personal training consultation with one of our personal trainers.


If you are looking for improving your eating habits and develop healthy eating to fuel your physical activities, book a FREE dietary consultation with one of our certified nutritionists.


Fitfoody’s coaches can refine your fitness goals, create a plan and support you in your fitness journey until you achieve your goals.


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Our consultation

It is quite possible that you may not know the step by step process in building your exercise routine or which workouts are best suited for your ability and lifestyle.


Don’t worry, our experienced coaches are here to offer a free 30 minute personal training consultation as well as dietary consultation to understand your requirement and offer recommendations for your individual fitness plan and a healthy eating guide.


We can do our consultations online for our clients from all parts of the world or in person if you are based in Aberdeen, Scotland. Please read our blog article “what happens at a fitness consulting” to understand the step by step process of our consultation. Our experienced exercise or fitness coaches can help you with motivation and planning your fitness activities to reach your fitness goals.


For non-coaching related queries, use the form below to get in touch with us and one of our team member will get back to you as soon as possible.

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